Does SQLCipher support Windows Phone 8.1(WinRT flavor)?

It seem to support Windows Phone 8 & Windows Runtime 8 and 8.1. But there is no specified sentence about supporting Windows Phone 8.1. Because supporting Windows Runtime 8.1 doesn’t mean it supports Windows Phone 8.1, before we order it, we would want to know whether you support that or not exactly. If you don’t yet, please let us know whether you have a plan to support that.

Hello @benjamin

Currently, we only have support for Windows Phone 8.0. However, we are just about to complete a new release of SQLCipher which includes all of our commercially supported libraries. With this, we will include SQLCipher for Windows Phone 8.1 support.

We’re happy to announce that as of release 3.2.0, SQLCipher Commercial Edition for Windows Phone does support both Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.