Feature Suggestion: Attach File

I currently use Wallet from Acrylic Software. It still runs even though it’s not actively updated since the dev got snagged by Apple. A feature that is very handy is attaching a file. This is usually a registration key. Obviously, a user could get carried away doing this, but it’s still damn useful.

Hi @TheMadCow

We would love to add file support to Codebook as well! This will require changes to our synchronization process but is something that is definitely on our radar. Thank you for your feedback!

Please add my voice to those who want to store attachments. With license files, which in the case of mac software are often just plists, the workaround now is to just paste the content of the text file into a “license” text field, and store the file itself somewhere else. ]

However, some license files are binary. I’d really love to just be able to drag and drop this sort of file, right onto a record, and have the db store it as a blob.

Another use case is, certificates. They are often produced as files, so it would be great if we could just drag them into an entry. (A wild wish would be to have Codebook automatically grab anything from ~/.ssh or other folders!)

Finally, I have some photos or scans of various documents, which I want to keep secure. I assume one would need to be careful about this, because it could impact performance to have large blogs stored.

Anyway, some thoughts, and I hope you can consider implementing this.

Hi @rickcogley

Will do - thanks for your feedback as always!

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Follow up on this from a year ago. Came across a need for this again. I’m making the jump from my legacy wallet app (http://www.acrylicapps.com/wallet/mac/) and moving fully to Codebook. Other than it would be nice to have a < fields > sorting/import utility so that you can match up fields from a CSV export, as it is, it’s a manual copy/paste process.

This is how Wallet attaches their files. Currently doing a Dropbox linked sync for it’s database. Adding this would make this my 100% goto app instead of my, gotta use it but wish it had…

I’m bumping this subject again. Attachments would be super helpful. Knowing if this is even in the feature pipeline (after a year or so) would let me know if you’re planning this or if I should just be quiet.


Hi @TheMadCow

We’ve been making good progress on improving the sync system (internal development). Once that’s completed we should be able to start working on expanding to additional features that our current sync system is holding back.

While I can’t promise that adding attachments/images within Codebook is first on that list, it is something that we’re definitely still interested in implementing.

We’ll post more information here on discuss as the new sync system gets closer to release.