Find in codebook - search criteria

Criteria too restrictive, i.e.
Name saved as Korean airlines, does not find.

Name saved as Koreanair, does find.

Web site URL,

Hi @al92780

Thanks for using Codebook and posting.

We tested creating a sample entry named Koreanair (no spaces) and added some sample fields to it (username and password) and it came up under the “Suggestions” section of Find in Codebook when we invoked the app extension from the “Login” section of on both iPhone and iPad.

You could also try adding a website field to the entry with a value of and it should show up under “Host Matches”

Let me know what device, and what version of Codebook (This can be found at the top of More → Settings) you’re using, if you’re receiving some sort of error message (or the entry just isn’t showing up), whether there’s another section of the website that you’re logging in through, and if either of the above suggestions are helpful. Thanks!


Again. Koreanair is recognized but Korean air is not. The later is what a normal person would input and should show up as a suggestion. Rummaging around the displayed URL to cut and paste a section of it should be a last resort.

I use an iPhone 6s operating iOS 10.3.1

Thanks for response.



I apologize, I believe I misread your initial post (I thought you were saying that it didn’t show up with KoreanAir no spaces) – Thanks for clarifying. I can definitely see how it would be useful to have the “Suggestions” be more forgiving when searching (i.e. in your example ignore the white space character). We’ll discuss this internally and i’ll post back here afterwards. Thanks!



Just an observation, searching for “password managers” Codebook doesn’t show up very often, if at all.