Password and Sync Issues

I had Codebook on my Nexus 6P and I recently changed to a Galaxy Note 8. I synced my data from the Nexus to Google drive in order to import my data to the new phone. However, the sync was unsuccessful and now I’m locked out of the Nexus. Codebook on the Nexus says my master password is corrupted or it says that it’s a First Time Setup. Either way, I can’t access Codebook. I have access to Codebook on the Note 8, but none of my data was imported. So now I have data stored on Google drive and no access to data on either phone.
I would try to sync my data from the Nexus again, but I can’t get in because it says my password is incorrect. I also have fingerprint recognition on the Nexus and Codebook successfully recognizes my fingerprint.
Can anyone help me?


Hi @Nancy

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum. We’ve responded separately to your private support request.