Password Mismatch Error on Sync

When syncing with another copy of STRIP the software expects that the same password is being used on both ends of the sync so it can open up the exchanged encrypted data with the same key. When different passwords are in use, STRIP will report an error. If WiFi sync is being used, you’ll get an HMAC authentication error during sync.

If you recently changed your password and use Google Drive or Dropbox sync:

When you sync with Google Drive or Dropbox, STRIP creates an encrypted replica of your data named strip.db out on the cloud service. When you update your master password on say your iPhone or Windows desktop the replica of your data on the cloud service is still keyed to your old password. To resolve this:

  • Open up your Google Drive or Dropbox folder
  • Navigate to the Zetetic folder and locate strip.db
  • Either rename strip.db or move it out of the Zetetic folder
  • Initiate a fresh sync from the device where you changed your password

A new strip.db will be created out on the cloud service keyed to your new password.