Schema Mismatch Error on Sync

STRIP keeps track of an internal database schema number to determine whether another copy of STRIP is compatible for sync. This number is passed during the sync exchange and in many cases if it doesn’t match STRIP will halt the sync process and present a schema mismatch error.

To resolve a schema mismatch on sync, be sure to check that each copy is using the latest version of STRIP.

When syncing with the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services, STRIP is simply working with an encrypted replica of your data named strip.db. If strip.db has a lower version number than STRIP, it will be upgraded. If strip.db has a higher version number, sync will halt.


We’re trying to keep minor differences in database schema version from preventing sync, in order to support some older copies of STRIP for customers on older OS versions or hardware. Currently schema versions 13 and 14 are sync-compatible, and a mismatch will not prevent sync.