STRIP for Windows 2.5.2 Release


STRIP for Windows 2.5.0 was originally released earlier this week, we have subsequently released two patch releases to include a few additional items culminating in the current version of 2.5.2. The highlights for this release include:

  • Add autocomplete field value support
  • Add support for Dropbox client API integration
  • Add support for purchasing license within application
  • Add 14 day trial mode support
  • Add Ctrl+C copy behavior to field value selection within Secret Agent
  • Improve note editing experience, field value window will now display multiline notes properly
  • Improve shutdown speed
  • Disable login prompt from displaying automatically when auto lock triggered
  • Fix error when export data to CSV file
  • Fix sorting of custom labels
  • Fix default selected label when adding new field to an entry - now the selected item will be the first item in the list based on your sort selection
  • Fix copy behavior from context menu on field
  • Fix shortcut icon for running STRIP for Windows at Windows login
  • Fix missing password generator button
  • Fix selection issue when search field lost focus
  • Fix URL address to STRIP site in About window

To begin with, we have added an often requested feature, autocomplete for field values! We are as excited as you are, you no longer need to manually type the same email address over and over again when creating or editing field entries. Autocomplete will work on all fields, except those where the label’s mode is set to password or pin.

Next we have integrated Dropbox API support directly within STRIP for Windows, you no longer need to have the Dropbox client application installed or running on Windows to synchronize with Dropbox. Please note, the first time to attempt a synchronization with Dropbox in STRIP for Windows, you will be prompted to login to Dropbox within the application. This will occur only once. The note editing experience has been improved considerably, now allowing for proper resizing of the note editor when entering multiple lines. When STRIP for Windows locks, the login window will no longer appear until you attempt to access STRIP, either from the systray icon, or via Secret Agent.

STRIP for Windows is now available for a 14 day trial period. If you know someone who might be interested in trying STRIP for Windows, please have them visit this page to request a free trial. If they like it, they can purchase a license directly within the application. We have also included various fixes within the application to provide a more streamlined experience. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us here.


Just upgraded to version on my windows 7 laptop and
now STRIP crashes every time I try to sync to dropbox.

I get the dropbox authentication popup then STRIP

This information was in the problem details:

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: BEX

Application Name: Strip.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 54bd6be4

Fault Module Name:

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 53fe7f17

Exception Offset: 007d67e0

Exception Code: c0000417

Exception Data: 00000000

OS Version: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional Information 1: cb20

Additional Information 2:

Additional Information 3: c07b

Additional Information 4:

I’ve tried rebooting…

Where can I download the earlier version,

I need to get back to work.


Hello @dparkins,

I’m sorry to hear about the crash you are seeing. The reference to Flash is rather strange as STRIP does not use Flash at all. Could you try unlinking from Dropbox within the File → Preferences window, then attempt a sync again? This should cause you to re-authenticate with Dropbox. Could you let us know your results? Thanks!


Hello @dparkins

After further review, it appears the Dropbox web-based authentication window includes Javascript that references Flash. Could you let us know your results once you have unlinked from Dropbox and initiated a synchronization again? Thanks!


The same thing happened after disabling and re-enabling the sync to dropbox.



Hi @dparkins

Could you reach out to our support group at so we can dig a bit deeper into your specific scenario? Thanks!