Sync greyed out on iMac

Hi, I have Codebook on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac.
I’ve been using my MacBook and devices without any problem. I have it set up to sync using Dropbox.
I’ve started using my iMac desktop computer again and I can’t get it to sync. The sync button is greyed out. I have read through the forum and found similar problems but nothing that has helped me fix the problem.
Can anyone help please?

Thanks for contacting us about Codebook. When doing a Desktop WIFI sync, the sync button the Mac app is disable because the sync is initiated from the IOS device, but you can change the sync preference by selecting from the Codebook Menu bar, Codebook->Preferences and then go to the Sync tab and change it to Dropbox. Let me know if this fixes the problem.


All working perfectly now, thank you :slight_smile: