Sync hanging mid-operation


Got my usual reminder to sync my Codebook. I’ve been syncing my iPhone version of Codebook to Dropbox for some time with no significant problems. But tonight it has hung in the middle of the sync. It says “64% downloading remote database”. It also says not to quit Codebook while sync is in progress. What can I do to safely recover from the situation?


Hi @Pentatomidae

Thank you for using Codebook and posting here, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with Dropbox sync.

Usually if you’re in a situation where sync is stalling, you should be able to safely “Cancel” the operation.

What platform are you using Codebook on? Because you mention the sync reminder, I’m assuming you may be using Codebook for iOS, is this correct? Could you check what version you currently have installed – This information can be found at the top of settings under More → Settings. The current version is 3.3.5, if you’re using anything less than that, could you try updating to the latest version and re-try a sync to see if works?

If “Cancel” doesn’t work to stop the operation, you should be able to tap the home button of your iOS device to lock Codebook. Then re-open it and re-try syncing.

Please let me know if these suggestions help at all, and the answers to these questions otherwise. Thanks!



Hi there, and thanks for the quick response! Yes, this version of Codebook is on my iPhone (so yes iOS). The Codebook version is 3.3.4.

The problem is that there is no cancel button for the Sync and locking Codebook doesn’t cancel the operation. I presume I would have to kick Codebook out of memory to quit the sync operation, but I’m slightly worried - could this damage the data I hold in Codebook on the phone? Until I’ve resolved this I can’t access anything in Codebook except for the Sync and More screens.


Well just so you know, the sync did eventually time out - after about 12 hours! As soon as it was free, I updated Codebook, tried it again and all was well. But I’d still like to know what to do for the best if this happens again. If I kick Codebook out of memory in the middle of a sync that has hung do I risk corruption of the local database?



Glad to hear all is well again. That is troublesome that you weren’t able to cancel. In general you should be able to safely kick Codebook out of memory in the middle of a sync and it should recover fine (although it isn’t something we encourage doing unless necessary). If the cancel button didn’t show for you, it makes me believe that the sync operation didn’t initiate properly. At the step noted here (“Downloading remote database”) none of the replication has been performed yet, so your local database wasn’t modified.

We haven’t seen this in testing or been able to reproduce it, do you remember if you perhaps lost internet connection?

If you see this occur again, would you mind posting back to let us know, and include what steps (if any) you took that you think may help us reproduce it?