Master PW invalid, then works after couple attempts

Run in to an issue where entering my master password returns a invalid password error, when trying to re-enter after a couples times (same password), it then recognizes it. This happens several times and I know that I am entering the password correctly each time. Using version on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Happens frequently. Any ideas? Already re-installed just in case. Issue still persists.

Hello @webintrigue

We have not been able to reproduce this behavior. Is it possible you may be typing the wrong password initially?

I thought the same thing initially, so I carefully used one finger at a time to enter the password and it would still give the same issue, it would happen 4 to 5 times in a row and then work. But I know I was entering the password correctly and slowly, so not sure why it does that every so often now.

Hello @webintrigue

Unfortunately the desktop clients do not offer the ability to unmask the password you enter at this time. Would you mind trying to type your password into notepad, verifying the password value is correct, then try copy/pasting it into the Codebook login screen? Once you have tried the login a few times, please remember to copy a blank space or other non-sensitive value to clear your password from the clipboard. Thanks!

Would unmasking the password be a future implementation on the desktop? It’s just a weird thing that happens so often.

Hello @webintrigue

That is a feature we are discussing internally about possibly including in a future release.