Windows 4.5.12: Synch error

With the latest release, I get the following message when syncing with Dropbox:

Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.

An error occurred attempting to create a sync.lock file during synchronization

Does anyone know this problem? Thank you for help

Hi @clan

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are seeing in the latest release. It sounds as Codebook may have received an unexpected response from Dropbox. I have just tried multiple syncs via Dropbox without issue. Would you mind trying to initiate a sync again and report back your results? If by chance you receive another error, would you login to the Dropbox website and navigate into the Zetetic/Shards folder to see if there is a file present named sync.lock? If that is present, please delete the file and try the sync again.

Thank you,

Good morning

I tried again multiple syncs. No succuess. Always the same error. In the dropbox folder zetetic/shards I didn’t find a file named sync.lock

Hi @clan

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t resolve the issue. Would you try unlinking your Dropbox authentication in Codebook for Windows? This is available via the File → Preferences menu, followed by clicking on the Sync tab. Next, click on the Unlink button, then click Save. Finally, would you initiate another sync, this will require that you authenticate again with Dropbox.

I have done this. Unfortunately I still have the same error. :frowning:

Hi @clan

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t resolve the issue. When you have the opportunity, would you try switching your sync service in Codebook for Windows to Google Drive and see if you’re able to complete a sync? This will require you to sign up for a free Gmail account [1] if you do not already have one. We would like to rule out a system/network environmental issue as the cause.

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Hello. I have a google account. But unfortunately I didn’t install the synch option Google Drive. Do I need to wait the next update of Codebook of Windows?

Hi @clan

You should be able to enable the Google Drive feature within the Windows Add/Remove Programs screen. You Can locate Codebook for Windows from the list, select the Modify option which should launch the Codebook installer in maintenance mode. Select modify in the wizard, and make sure you opt to install the Google Drive support.

next problem:

Hi @clan,

I have sent you a DM containing the link to download the latest Codebook for Windows installer. Can you download it and try the repair again?


With Google Drive it works! Thank you very much for your help and your great service. I appreciate it very much.

Best regards

Hi @clan,

That is great news, we are happy to hear you were able to sync again!