Getting Started with Sync

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There are two main methods of sync for Codebook:

  1. Syncing directly with another copy over WiFi
  2. Syncing with a cloud service over HTTPS (Dropbox or Google Drive)

Desktop WiFi Sync

We call the first case Desktop WiFi sync because it’s for Codebook on a mobile device (e.g. Android, iPhone) to sync with Codebook on the desktop (Mac or Windows). It’s not designed for syncing between two mobile devices or two desktops—that’s something we want to address in the future, but for now that’s how it works. You run Codebook on the desktop and it starts up a sync service when enabled, and you initiate the sync from Codebook on your mobile device.

If you don’t wish to sync with Codebook on the desktop over WiFi, say you just want to sync between two iOS or Android devices, skip ahead to “To sync with Google Drive or Dropbox on iOS and Android”.

Desktop WiFi sync is not enabled by default, you must choose to enable it on the Preferences window of Codebook for OS X and Codebook for Windows:

  • Launch Codebook for Windows or OS X and sign in
  • On Windows, select the File menu -> Preferences
  • On OS X, select the Codebook menu -> Preferences, click on the Sync tab
  • Select “Desktop WiFi” (On OS X first check “Enable Sync”)

To start a sync, leave Codebook running and signed in on your Mac or Windows computer, launch Codebook on your iOS or Android device, and go to the Sync view:


Ensure Mode is set to WiFi, then tap on the Computer row to choose your computer from the local network. Then, tap Start Sync!

If your desktop does not show up in the network browser, or sync is interrupted due to network problems, we’ve got some tips for troubleshooting.

Dropbox and Google Drive Sync

When you sync Codebook with either Dropbox or Google Drive, Codebook creates a folder named Zetetic and adds an encrypted replica of your data named strip.db. This is a SQLCipher database, you will not be able to double-click on it to open it on your desktop. Every time you run sync Codebook retrieves this replica of your data and exchanges changes.

To sync with Google Drive or Dropbox on iOS and Android:

  • Launch Codebook, sign in, and tap on the Sync view
  • Tap on the Mode row and select either Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Tap Start Sync (just “Start” on iOS)
  • Codebook will prompt you to sign in to the service and authorize access by Codebook
  • Sync should then start

To sync with Google Drive or Dropbox on OS X and Windows:

  • Launch Codebook, login

  • Select File -> Preferences menu (Codebook -> Preferences on OS X)

  • On OS X select the Sync tab on the Preferences window

  • Select either Dropbox or Google Drive and close the Preferences window

  • Click the Sync button to start a sync

  • Codebook will prompt you to sign in to the service on OS X, on Windows Codebook interacts with the local Dropbox folder

  • On Windows ensure the Dropbox client is running and syncing your changes


and on Macs what do you do?

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Sorry that isn’t clear in the post above! It’s almost exactly the same:

  1. Launch STRIP for OS X and sign in
  2. Select STRIP menu -> Preferences
  3. Click on the Sync tab
  4. Check “Enable Sync” and select your service (e.g. Desktop WiFi, Dropbox, etc)

Have followed all directions. However, seems to be taking a VERY long time. What’s normal time to Sync from iPhone to PC?

Hello @jzsusan19

Does it appear to be stuck at a certain percentage? The timing for the synchronization process will depend on the size of your database, but should not be too long.

Nothing happened as far as I could tell.

Hello @jzsusan19

We would be glad to help you troubleshoot the problem. Could you contact us at and we can help sort out the issue. Thanks!

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